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The Vine
News From The Vine From   the   beginning   of   February   books   for   Lent   will   be   on   display   (Lent   begins   on   February   26th).     These   can   be   used by   individuals   and   groups.     If   you   run   a   house   group   or   are   having   a   short   course   for   Lent   we   are   happy   to   order course   books   for   your   group   -   either   drop   in   or   phone   on   01455   612345   to   place   an   order.     Easter   cards   will   be available   early   in   the   month   -   this   year   our   Easter   cards   are   in   support   of   Compassion   -   and   we   will   also   have   Easter book   titles   on   sale   particularly   in   our   Children's   book   section.     On   February   25th   we   will   be   celebrating   Shrove Tuesday   with   a   special   Pancake   Day   menu   served   all   day.     Fairtrade   Fortnight   begins   on   Monday   24th   February   where the   focus   will   once   again   be   on   all   thing’s   chocolate,   highlighting   the   need   for   a   fair   wage   for   cocoa   producers.     We have   two   events   coming   up   -   on   Saturday   29th   February   at   2.30   we   have   a   Bake-off   style   fund-raiser.     Whether   you are   a   baker   or   just   like   cake   you   can   take   part.     All   funds   raised   will   go   to   Traidcraft   Exchange   -   see   posters   and   flyers for more details. There    is    also    an    event    on    World    Book    Day    Thursday    5th    March    at    The    Vine    aimed    at    6-9    year    olds    (and parents/carers/grandparents). Children's   author   Amy   Scott   Robinson   is   visiting   us   to   do   a   book   reading,   a   talk   with   her   puppet   and   a   book   signing.   She   is   the   author   of   the   "Gladstone   the   Gargoyle"   books.     The   event   is   at   3.30pm   to   enable   parents   to   bring   their children after school. Amy   Scott   Robinson,   author   of   the   Gladstone   trilogy,   is   a   performance   storyteller,   ventriloquist   and   children's   worker. She   and   Gladstone   the   Gargoyle   have   been   visiting   schools,   churches   and   libraries   to   support   and   encourage   reading and writing and to talk about the themes of friendship and faith in the books. Gladstone   the   Gargoyle   has   been   hailed   as   'the   new   ET'.   He   has   come   to   life   and   descended   from   the   church   tower where   he   has   sat   for   hundreds   of   years   -   but   what   is   he   doing   here,   and   will   he   ever   find   his   way   back?   He   and   his new   friends   set   out   to   solve   the   mystery,   encountering   themes   of   community,   friendship,   family,   history   and   faith along the way. The trilogy of books is aimed at 6-9 year olds and published by the Palm Tree Press at Kevin Mayhew.'